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Food Display Cabinets

Refrigerated Displays designs and manufactures a wide range of Food Display Cabinets.These include Sandwich and Cake Chillers as well as Pie Warmers and Hot Food Displays.


We also specialise in one off cabinets made to order, especially modern Bakery and Seafood Displays, in modules up to 3.6 metres long.


Our Designers have over 30 years experience in the Refrigeration Manufacturing Industry and are backed by a fully equipped workshop that features high quality stainless steel fabrication that can carry out all aspects of the construction on the premises. 


Pelican Shellfish Displays

The Pelican Refrigerated Live Shellfish Display delivers a product that not only looks better, but more importantly, tastes better. Suitable for: Mussels, Oysters, Clams,Cockles, Pipis, and most Bi-valves.


Displaying up to 3 products at once, Pelican Shellfish Displays 
have been designed and manufactured by Refrigerated Displays.


These units have been in use very successfully in the New
Zealand and Australian markets for over ten years. More
recently they have gained significant success in the
SouthernPacific, South East Asian and South
African markets.



Pelican Shellfish Display Manufacture
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